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We have been spreading the message of Islam for more than 35 years, and may be the oldest non-Institutional Islamic organization. Let our wealth of information guide you on your Islamic journey.

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Come join the Al Jumuah family, and help spread the message of Islam to everyone.

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Jerome Lawson ( Danville,illinois ) :

I became acquainted with your magazine and i must say that it is one of the few magazines that i want to read from cover to cover! The wealth of religious and historical information was most intriguing and i was thoroughly impressed.

Kasib Shabazz ( Tracy, CA ):

I think you should know how powerful the articles of the magazine, specially those of sister Michelle. Her Articles bring tears to our eyes and awaken our souls.

Joh Du’Pree ( Lincoln,NE ):

My wars with Satan never end and the article on “What to do when Satan Whispers” was a pure blessing to me. I have been doing these things for the past seven month and i have been learning Islam for eight months.

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